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Friday, January 19, 2007

Christopher Nixon, Cleveland Outfielder

ESPN just reported that Christopher "Trot" Nixon agreed to a one-year, $3 million deal to play for the Cleveland Indians this year. Three million's no slap in the face, but the whole thing just makes me a little sad. Trot's played his whole career in the Sox system, was a fan favorite, and had some really huge moments for the Sox. My personal favorite is the two-run homer he hit off of Roger Clemens in the ninth inning of that great Pedro-Rocket pitcher's duel in 2000. I don't know what the final numbers say, but he always seemed to have Clemens' number- which I suppose makes sense, as he generally killed fastballs from righthanders.

It's not that I think Trot would have been good for the Sox as a full-time player going forward, and it's not that I wish him ill or want him to retire or anything. It just makes me sad. I'll miss him in the Sox uniform. He'll probably form the lesser half of a RF platoon with Casey Blake, who is a righty. I wish him well.


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