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Friday, January 12, 2007

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Looking at the baseball section of the Boston Herald today- the Boston Herald, mind you- there are major stories about how Andy Pettitte is all set to "pick up where he left off" in New York with the Yankees, as well as a story about how much the Yankees want Roger Clemens to rejoin their team. First of all, this isn't really news, is it? The Yankees want Clemens? I have a news flash also- Boston would really like to win another World Series. Stop the presses! Secondly, what the heck is the Herald doing wasting column-inches on a story like that? Isn't there any Red Sox news to talk about? Well...not much, really. We're still waiting for J.D. Drew's contract to be memorialized, as they say. We haven't signed any questionable reclaimation-project pitchers in the last few days. Curt Schilling hasn't shot his mouth off on WEEI lately either.

Taking the Boston Herald's lead, then, this seems like a pretty good time to announce that I'm expanding the sphere of my baseball punditry. Of course this announcement has a "tree falling in a forest" metaphysical feel to it, but it's an announcement all the same. Starting soon, I'll be writing a semi-regular column for the Red Sox Times website. My section will be called "Past a Diving Jeter," and will at least attempt to place the Red Sox in context of the entire league, and the AL East in particular. I'll try to look at moves that other teams are making, and assess their relevance to the Sox efforts.

For the time being, I'll keep blogging at this spot, but I'm excited about this new development. If you get a chance, check out the work that Tim Daloisio has done with Red Sox Times, and keep an eye out for my new stuff there.


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