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Monday, January 22, 2007

First Past The Post

I knew it all along. The meritocracy is alive and well. If you do something and do it well, no matter what it is, people will notice and you will be recognized for it. Or, in my case, do something in a mediocre fashion but with an abandon that borders on obsession and people will notice.

Whichever is the case, this will be my final post from the Outskirts of Red Sox Nation. Effective later this week, my low-VORP baseball thoughts will be able to be found at the upstart juggernaut (can you be both?) web site Red Sox Times. Proprietor/founding member Tim Daloisio has been working on a banner and a space for me in his stable of writers. I'll be writing under the byline of "Past a Diving Jeter," which will remain, for my money, the sweetest four words in the english language. My focus will, at least in part, be on the goings on throughout the AL East and baseball in general with a eye on how it affects the Old Towne Team.

So thank you to the Norwich Bulletin, who provided the impetus and invitation to start this blog. Thank you to those who have occasionally swung by to visit here. I'd ask you to please change your links to the Red Sox Times, and be sure to check that out as often as you're able without making it too obvious that you're avoiding doing something productive. Thanks.


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